Construction Complete

I know it's been quite a while since I posted anything.  So here's the story of what's been going on.

Back in June, the basement in my house flooded and the entire basement had to be ripped out and rebuilt.  The basement is where I had my music room set up (with all my music equipment and everything).  Fortunately, my equipment wasn't damaged in the flood (yay!!!!), so I still have everything, but given that the size of the house was cut in half during the last 6 months, most of it was in storage.  In addition, if you can believe it, it's also a bit harder to work when there's a whole assortment of loud noises from the workers and their machines throughout the day (it's honestly sort of strange to have silence now lol).

I've still been doing some singing, songwriting, and piano & guitar playing (thankfully), but with everything going on, it has been more limited.  There was also quite a bit of work for the house that we had to do, so I've had less space, less equipment, and less time to work with.  (Btw, this is the super short version of the story, I could probably go on about this for quite a while because living in a construction zone has been my reality for the past 6 months.)

Now we're at the cheerier, exciting part :).  Finally, a very long 6 months later, the basement is finished.  We have moved everything back into the basement (well, everything that wasn't damaged).  I have my music room back with all my equipment set up, and I am ecstatic to get back to my usual routine (well after Christmas anyway).  Awesomely (you may not want to use my posts as any kind of proper English guide), this was all completed just in time for the holidays!!!

I wish you all a very Happy Holidays, a very Merry Christmas, and a very Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!  You'll be hearing more from me in the new year.

Sidenote: the weather here is actually super nice right now, which is also awesome because it's often so cold you want to stay indoors around this time of year.  So I'll have the white Christmas I'm used to without the super freezing cold.  I'm so lucky in so many ways this Christmas and I'm so looking forward to spending time with family, which for me, is what Christmas is all about.

Bye for now, talk to you in 2015! :D

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