Excited for Valentine's + Free Download

I'm getting excited for Valentine's Day! Valentine's to me is a celebration of all love, not just romantic love.  Love is what makes our world beautiful and there is a far bigger spectrum of love than the romantic kind alone.   Given that, I have always loved Valentine's, as a kid and as an adult, regardless of  whether I'm single or in a relationship.  My parents used to give us little heart-shaped boxes of chocolate and I loved giving Valentine cards to friends and family.  I have always looked at Valentine's as an opportunity to celebrate love between people (friends, family, lovers, etc.) as well as love of one's self (I mean, I can buy myself a heart shaped box of chocolates because they're delicious and hearts are awesome.  And to quote a Whitney Houston song "Learning to love yourself, it is the greatest love of all.").  So I encourage you to show some love this Valentine's Day, whether it's to yourself, to a family member, friend, partner, stranger, or anyone else you can think of!

I'd like to show my fans some love over the next few days by offering a free download of my song "Hey Valentine"!  For the next four days (Feb. 11, 12, 13 and 14) anyone who signs up for my mailing list, follows me on Twitter, or Likes my Facebook page will get a free download.  And to thank the wonderful fans and followers I have already, if you have previously done any of those things, just message me if you want the free download!  I don't want you to feel deprived because you became a fan too early!!  I love all my fans and I want to thank you for being awesome!! :)

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