All Kinds of Firsts

So I finally have my very own website! I am so excited, this year has been so fantastic to me already and it's only March.  I have had an insane number of firsts in the last few months that have made the beginning of my career in music so exhilarating. In February, I released my first single to iTunes, "Hey Valentine", a love song for Valentine's Day (I've always loved Valentine's Day), which I recorded entirely on my own - completely new to me. I learned how to mix and I experimented with the different instruments and sounds.  What is really cool about recording it on my own, though it was challenging at times, is that it is 100% my product - I decided on how everything should sound and then created that sound.  I am lucky to have been able to do that and share it with the world, thanks to the changes in the music industry and world today (oh technology).  I also love collaborating to create a song but I found it to be a great experience to do this one on my own.

Following the release of "Hey Valentine",  I heard myself on the radio for the first time, I had my first TV interview and my first radio interview!!  Soooo cooool!!! Thank you to CJTR, Access 7, and my92.1 (Harvard Broadcasting) for making those things happen!! Then, just last night, I did something a little bit crazy, something else I had never done before: I sang (a capella) a new song I'm working on for a roomful of strangers before singing it for a single person I know!!!  Strange for me but very cool! It was lots of fun!  And now I have my own website and I get to have fun designing it and all that great stuff.  I'm so looking forward to performing more in the near future and continuing to work on my album (which will be another first!).  Yay!!!!!! :)