With Great Power Comes...

As most superhero movies demonstrate, power can be used for good or for evil.  Perhaps in real life the divide is not always as drastic as superheros and supervillains, but power does put people in a position where what they say and do has a much larger and wide spread effect.  The more famous someone becomes, the more powerful they get.

I have been a Taylor Swift fan since I first heard "Teardrops on my Guitar" on the radio in 2008.  Since then, she has continually grown more famous and achieved superstardom (probably music's version of gaining superpowers).  I greatly admire what she is doing with that power - especially the way she uses it to stand up for the rights of others who are not in such prominent positions.  Most artists couldn't afford to take their music off Spotify or stand up to a huge conglomerate like Apple and even if they did, no one would notice.  This is why I want to say thank you to Taylor Swift for doing what others can't. 

Last year, she took her music off Spotify and other artists followed her lead.  Today, she posted an open letter to Apple regarding Apple Music's free trial period for which artists will not be getting paid.  I think Apple is fantastic and agree with Taylor's praise of the company and her other comments in the letter.  I hope they will change their decision to not pay artists during the 3 month trial, but whether or not they do, Taylor Swift continues to draw attention to aspects of the music industry that would otherwise go unnoticed by most.  If I could speak to her I would say, "Thanks for using your superpowers for good Taylor."

To read her open letter to apple go to: http://taylorswift.tumblr.com/post/122071902085/to-apple-love-taylor

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