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First Digital Show + Songs 4 Nature Camp 

Happy Thursday!  I just wanted to write a quick update to let you know what I’ve been up to musically lately.

I recently participated in the first ever digital Songs 4 Nature camp, which is a songwriting camp for Saskatchewan artists that is put on by the Royal Saskatchewan Museum.  It focuses on the connection between nature and songwriting and finding ways to use nature as inspiration.  I have never attended one of the in person camps in previous years, but was very happy to take part in this digital…

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Some Good News 

When I thought of what to title this blog post, the first thing I thought of was borrowing a page from John Krasinski's SGN (Some Good News) book.  (Okay, technically it's not a book, it's a YouTube show, but they're basically the same thing, right?)  In a time of such uncertainty and quite a bit of negative news, it's extremely important to remember the good things.  SGN is doing that and so are other talk show hosts and artists.  Many people have been finding ways to entertain us and remind us of the…

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Remember me? 

It has been quite a while since my last blog post.  Did you wonder where I went?  Maybe you didn’t, but for anyone who did, I’m going to tell you.  In 2016 I started having health problems that affected my breathing and caused pretty bad coughing fits, which prevented me from being able to sing for quite some time.  As that issue was beginning to resolve, my boyfriend proposed and I went full steam ahead into wedding planning.  For anyone who has planned a wedding, I think you know how very time consuming…

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It's not about me... only sort of... 

Last year around this time, I was fortunate enough to take part in Divas Night Out, a fundraiser for Women's Shelters in Regina.  This year I'm not involved in the event, so I was completely taken by surprise when I opened the paper this morning and saw myself.  I won't lie, I was excited to see myself in the paper - it was a wonderful reminder of the great experience I had at last year's event and it's especially nice to be reminded of right now since I've been unable to do music for over a month due to an…Read more

What do love and a deck of cards have in common? 

Add them together (along with a bunch of other words) and you have my new song This Deck Of Cards!  I'm really excited to be performing it for the first time tomorrow night (July 7th) at The Capitol with my friend Kara Golemba!  

Harmonies - Check.  
Guitar - Check.  
Keys - Check.
Deck of Cards - Not Check. (I probably don't need to bring an actual deck of cards with me... although now that I've thought about it, I kind of want to... just because.)

"There are no other suits in this deck of cards
There's only
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Previous events

Date Event Location
Songs 4 Nature Online (SideDoor/Zoom) Online (SideDoor/Zoom)
Annie Sumi, Piper Hayes & Roxie Lenton Creative City Centre, Regina Creative City Centre, Regina
Anique Granger with Roxie Lenton Creative City Centre, Regina Creative City Centre, Regina
Kara Golemba & Roxie Lenton at the Capitol The Capitol, Regina The Capitol, Regina
Girls Night Out ft. Roxie Lenton, Kara Golemba and Kenzie Creative City Centre, Regina, SK Creative City Centre, Regina, SK
Girls Night Out ft Adriana Faye, Lysh, Roxie Lenton and Kaeli Dane The Club (Small room at The Exchange), Regina, SK The Club (Small room at The Exchange), Regina, SK
 —  — Megan Nash, Kara Golemba and Roxie Lenton - Women In Song Bushwakker Brewpub, Regina, SK Bushwakker Brewpub, Regina, SK
 —  — 13th Annual Divas' Night Out Casino Regina, Regina Casino Regina, Regina
 —  — Roxie Lenton on CJTR's Pickin' It Country Online at, Worldwide Online at, Worldwide
 —  — Sunday Afternoon Concert Series Artful Dodger Café & Music Emporium, Regina, SK Artful Dodger Café & Music Emporium, Regina, SK
CKRM Proudly Saskatchewan Showcase The Cultural Exchange, Regina The Cultural Exchange, Regina
 —  — 13th Annual Soul Sisters Benefit Dinner & Concert Bushwakker Brewing Company, Regina Bushwakker Brewing Company, Regina
Ingrid Gatin with Roxie Lenton and Rebecca Lascue Creative City Centre, Regina Creative City Centre, Regina
Paul Federici with Roxie Lenton Creative City Centre, Regina Creative City Centre, Regina