Roxie Lenton is hell-bent on using her lyric driven pop-folk music to empower others.  Music is magic, it can change your mood in a matter of seconds and Roxie’s music wields that magic in a very vivid way.  Drawing on inspiration from a wide range of influences such as Taylor Swift, Simple Plan and Musical Theatre, she captivates a broad spectrum of human emotion.  Like most inspiring artists of her generation, the forces influencing her music, reflect an eclectic taste that crosses over the increasingly blurred boundaries of musical genres and styles. 
In February of 2014, Roxie released a home-recorded single “Hey Valentine”, which she wrote, recorded, mixed, and produced herself.  The single garnered her a television interview, radio play and a radio interview on My 92.1 (Harvard Broadcasting) in her hometown of Regina, Saskatchewan.  The song was also featured on SaskMusic’s Love Rocks Playlist. 
Put her in front of a piano, add the riffs of a slide guitar and watch her quirky spirit come alive while her sultry voice carries you on a musical journey.  As for her own musical journey, it started at the age of 7, followed by many painstaking years at the keys of a classical piano. Although she began songwriting as a teenager, her struggle with mental illness prevented her from pursuing a career in music until recently.  After years of hard work on her health and a lot of help from both professionals and family, this songstress is now more ready than ever to share her music with the world. 
Her experience with mental illness, including the unfortunate stigma that comes along with it, has given Roxie an added purpose: to use her music and her story to help others who suffer from mental illness and to increase awareness and understanding on the subject. 
Miss Lenton is currently working on her debut album, an unapologetic venture into the many facets of her emotional journey.  Certain songs will specifically address mental illness, while others will focus on the beauty of life, love, and music.  
The vast majority of Roxie’s writing is in English, but this bilingual singer-songwriter also plans to include one French song on her upcoming debut album, which has a release date yet to be determined.  However, you can get a taste of her current sound with her recently released live off the floor video of “Runnin’”, one of the songs that will be on her upcoming album.

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