Girl Power!! (or Woman/Female/Lady Power)

Women are [insert flattering term of choice here]!!
Women are also [insert other flattering term of choice here]!!

(Not saying those with both X and Y chromosomes aren't also awesome (because you are!), but this post is about the ladies.)  

As it happens, the last 3 performances I've had were also all about the ladies!!  It wasn't planned that way, but sometimes cool things happen on their own.

1) First, there was Divas' Night Out in October.  This fantastic fundraiser at the Casino Regina raised $5500 for local Women's Shelters (Regina Transition House and YWCA Isabel Johnson Shelter)!!  In its 13th year, Divas' Night Out is an event put on by women for women - a truly female powered fundraiser, it's a great example of "girl power"!  A huge thank you to all the women who made that night what it was! (And a huge thank you to the men who came out in support of women!) Special thanks to Tess Boehm for putting together this year's event and inviting me to be a part of it!

Left to Right (Tess Boehm, Me, Frank Boehm)

2) Next up was Women In Song at Bushwakker (Regina) earlier this month.  This series celebrates "women in song" by featuring local female singer-songwriters.  I had the great pleasure of performing with the very talented Megan Nash and Kara Golemba!  Not only are they uber awesome at music, they're also incredibly super human beings.  If you haven't heard either of them before, you should definitely check them out!

Left to Right Guys (Chris Mercer, Brent Nielsen, Taron Cochrane); Front to Back Girls (Megan Nash, Me, Kara Golemba)

3) Last but definitely not least was Girls Night Out this past Thursday (November 19) at the Club (part of the Cultural Exchange in Regina)!!  Again featuring local females in music, this event was put together by Kaeli Dane, a sweetheart and a wonderful singer-songwriter!  I had the great pleasure of both meeting and hearing her music for the first time that night and it was fantastic!  In addition to Kaeli and myself, the 3rd act of the evening was Lysh Music who took the stage for their first ever performance!!  I'm quite glad Lysh has started sharing their music with the public and I expect you'll be hearing more from them in the future!  Add in to the mix one of the most attentive and supportive audiences I've ever played for and what you get is an extra special evening!  Thank you so much to all the people who came out on Thursday, you're super amazing!!!!

Left to Right (Alyshia Chabot [Lysh Music], Kaeli Dane, Me)

I feel extremely lucky to have been part of these 3 fantastic events and I'm happy to see so much love and support for women in Regina!  Now, if anyone happens to put on a guys night out, I'd be eager to come watch - after all, there were men in the audience of each show supporting us ladies (thank you for that)!