The Power of Words

I have always been particularly fond of lyrics.  The story of a song is such a huge part of what moves me and makes me fall in love with a song.  So, I'm not particularly surprised that I have fallen in love with the art of Spoken Word.  A few months ago I attended my first ever Poetry Slam, a very interactive event where poets get onstage and share there poems.  Poems that are very different from any other poem I had heard before and to hear these free form poems performed with great emotion by the poets was an entirely unique experience.  I was quickly drawn into this open, intimate atmosphere and was so inspired by all these brave people baring their souls on the stage that during the open mic following the poetry slam I got up and performed a capella for the first time ever in front of an audience, stripping one of my songs down to it's raw form of lyrics and melody.  It was a thrilling and nerve-wracking experience and it was fun enough that I sang a capella again at a slam a couple months later.  I really find the emotion and rhythm of spoken word to be fascinating and I admit I am now hooked on this wonderful art form.  Last night, I attended the local Poetry Slam Finals in Regina that were part of the Cathedral Village Arts Festival and got to experience our very talented local poets once again and see the team members selected for the Poetry Slam Nationals in the fall.  I am excited to have been introduced to this awesome art form and to the fantastic artists I've met along the way.  Yay art!! :)